Our Design Principles


Users are sensitive to change and notice differences. Either consciously or unconsciously, they will always question “why is this different"?

We understand that users need to be comfortable and therefore strive for a consistent layout, font, look, feel etc

If we do not implement this consistently correctly, users will ultimately end up paying attention to the differences and this will pull focus from our Customers website and any message they were trying to convey.

Top 10 Website Mistakes

1. Minimal visual content

Don’t make your website another dry wordy web page, make it visual and engaging. Visitors often won’t be on your site for very long but if you have videos, images or infographics you can put your message across quickly and clearly.

2. Long sentences / pages

The written word is still vital, but when it comes to your website, less is more. When customers visit your site, they want to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Having long pages full of content will turn away more customers than it attracts.

Risks Of Hosting In-House

Some of the risks of in-house hosting:

  • What happens when a high availability server develops a fault?
  • If a server is down, how much is it costing your business?
  • What is the impact of server hardware and upgrades on your Capital Expenditure?
  • What is the risk realised by keeping your entire business on one site?

Hosting your servers and data with ChilledWeb can:

  • Reduce your CapEx, support, licensing and other hidden IT support costs.
  • Provide Tier1 data center security and service availability.
  • Demonst


The government has set out the details of various options, depending on the nature of the deal we strike with the EU, and has made them available to the public on the “Prepare for EU Exit” Gov.uk website.

ChilledWeb have investigated these options and are able to offer various options to our customers.
Including the offer of migrating customer data to an alternate ChilledWeb datacenter either in or out of the EU (contact your ChilledWeb account manager for more details).

Why You Need A Trusted Partner

You need not -and should not — face ever-increasing cybersecurity risks alone. Security can make the difference between business success and failure. By partnering with ChilledWeb (a trusted web hosting service provider), you can realise benefits at two key levels.

1. SSL Certificates Boost Customer Assurance

This encrypts the transfer of data and prevents unauthorised access, so that the sensitive information which belongs to your site’s visitors, such as passwords, email addresses, or bank details, stays private and protected.

Managing Websites Without Experience

Content Management Systems

Our customers are looking for a low-cost, unified platform that is capable of delivering high availability websites yet can be updated, managed and maintained by a novice (or a group of). Our customers are looking for a solution that will enable them to coordinate delivery of their content and yet keep their costs under control!

Our selection of Content Management Systems are flexible and scalable to meet both current requirements and future growth opportunities.