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Our Design Principles

ChilledWeb work to make meaningful relationships between our Customers, their users and the portfolio of products and services that they use. We use the latest research to focus on people’s behaviour and how they interact with our Customers Websites and Applications.

Getting to a design that a Customer likes and is going to be happy with for years to come is not a simple task and will require a few iterations; however ChilledWeb are here to help and support you in any way we can.

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Top 10 Website Mistakes

Having a website is a great way to showcase your business and interact with customers. But there are a few pitfalls to watch out for that can negatively affect your web presence. Here are a few common website faux pas with top tips for business owners on how to avoid them.

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Risks Of Hosting In-House

Hosting your applications in house has long been considered the best way to keep control of your business processes, however technology and the industry has moved on and with considerable reductions in datacenter costs, keeping your servers on-site is not considered a viable solution.

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When the UK leaves the EU, we must embrace the challenges that this decision will bring.

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Why You Need A Trusted Partner

Your website is a portal for the rest of the world to engage with your business. It’s a vital link to your customers, contacts, and new sales. That means you can afford the risk of website downtime, both in terms of lost revenue or reputation damage through a data leak.

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Managing Websites Without Experience

Companies that don’t manage their online presence effectively quickly find that their employees become frustrated with disparate information and problems sharing content. Worst still, customers are confused as they are flooded with mixed messages and disconnected, confusing websites.

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